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Top 5 Best Hose Reels, Hangers and Stands 2024

Hose reel

Buying a hose is one thing, properly storing it is another.

It’s not a good idea to just leave your brand new hose lying around in the driveway or garden when it is not in use. 

If your hose isn’t properly stored on some kind of hose reel, it will be stepped on, damaged by UV and rodents and canines may damage it too.

To get the most out of your investment you have to get it off the ground and out of the sun when you’re not using it. Best roll it on a hose reel, hose hanger or a hose stand so it won’t deform.

Take a quick look at our selection:

Hoses can last for years, even a lifetime if you buy the right ones. 

However, they will deteriorate by UV light or get damaged by driving over or stepping on it.
That’s why they have to be stored properly to last.

Different storage solutions are available according to your needs: hose reels, hose stands or wall hose hangers.

Hose reel:

When a hose is rolled up, over 80% is protected from most heat and UV light. In the case of a closed casing auto-retract hose reel it is even almost 100% sheltered.
This can easily double the life expectancy of your hose.

A hose reel can be wall mounted or wheeled around, whichever is the most convenient.
Most large ones are manually retractable with a crank handle, while some smaller hose reels have a spring loaded or battery powered auto wind system built in.
While a quality spring loaded reel works great, battery powered ones need to be recharged, are sluggish and have quality issues.
That is why we don’t recommend them. They are just over-engineered.

Wall hose hanger:

Another option is a wall hose hanger, which has a halve wheel shape where the rolled up hose can be hung over. Hang it somewhere in the shade if possible.
It’s simple, but the hose is out of harm’s way and doesn’t deform.

Hose stand:

A hose stand is another good alternative to keep your hose suspended from the ground.
You can just stab it in the grass or ground and you’re done.

If you’re thinking of buying a hose, it may be very useful to first check CCM’s “Top 5 Best Car Wash Hoses” for more information, tips and recommendations.

Check out our favourite hose reels, hangers and stands:

Best Wheeled Hose Reel

This hose reel is made from lightweight materials and suited for a 1/2” as well as a 5/8” hose.

Reeling in your hose has never been so effortless because it’s fitted with a collapsible crank handle and a hose guide wheel. 

Its big sturdy wheels and height-adjustable handle make it a walk in the park to move it around.

Designed and manufactured in Germany.

This hose cart is wheely good 😉 


  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for 1/2” and 5/8” hoses
  • Long telescopic handle
  • Big wheels
  • Collapsible crank handle
  • Includes 5Ft connection hose with Gardena Quick Connectors
  • Sturdy German quality


  • They should have made the telescopic handle longer for tall people (but that’s a compromise, we know)

Best Budget Hose Reel

AMES ReelEasy Side Mount Reel

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02/19/2024 08:30 am GMT

Does a great job for less.

It’s simplified to the bare bones and we like it. 

It’s sturdier than you’d expect for its price!


  • Great deal
  • Does what it should
  • Compact
  • Doesn’t rust


  • Only holds up to 75’ of 5/8” hose, not 100’ as advertised
  • Because of its positioning, the plastic reel-to-hose connector doesn’t take bulky brass hose connectors

Best Wall Mounted Hose Reel

This is the ultimate lazy car wash reel. 

No need to go get your hose reel from the backyard shed to wash your car anymore, it’s always there when you need it! 

Just mount it on a wall near a hose bib and your hose haulin’ days are over.

Pull out any hose length you need and you’re good to go. 

No need to reel it in by hand either, it’s self retractable with just a gentle tug. 

It’s reely simple 😉

Includes the reel, a premium quality hose, a Gardena adjustable spray nozzle and an easy-to-install bracket with template. (nice touch, that template!)

The five feet long connecting hose and all Quick Connectors are also supplied.

It’s available in different lengths.

Designed and manufactured in Germany.


  • Sturdy mechanics and overall construction
  • Complete set, hose and spray nozzle included
  • Frost and weather proof
  • Can be swiveled 180° on its wall bracket
  • Detachable
  • Can be locked with a padlock (anti theft)
  • Can be positioned close to the wall during storage 
  • German quality product


  • Yep, you need to drill holes to attach it…
  • Comes with a fixed hose, you can’t use your own

Best Hose Stand

This free standing metal garden hose holder is a good solution if you want to hang your hose next to your driveway or shed without drilling holes or using screws. Just stab it in the ground and you’re set.

It has a convenient integrated hose nozzle hanger too. 


  • Lightweight
  • Coated metal construction
  • Mobile, you can plant it (almost) anywhere


  • Can’t be used on paved driveways, concrete or tarmac
  • It’s not easy to roll up a long hose by hand

Best Wall Mounted Hose Hanger

We just love the storage compartment to store some hose connectors or an extra hose nozzle. It’s simple, rustproof and it does what it says on the label.


  • Holds up to 125′ of 5/8″ garden hose
  • Enclosed storage compartment for hose accessories
  • Made from poly resin so it won’t rust
  • No assembly required
  • Wall mount with keyhole design for easy mounting and removal
  • 6 wood screws and wall anchors for mounting included


  • You’ll need to drill holes in your outside wall to attach it
  • It takes some practice to roll up long hoses by hand

Final Thoughts

A good hose reel makes storing and handling less hassle. 

Your hose will also last much longer if it is off the ground and stored properly when not in use.

Which of these 5 different hose storage solutions work best for you, depends on your specific needs, budget and expectations.

For general purpose the GARDENA Frost Proof – ”M” Hose Cart + Hose Guide + 5ft Connection Hose works best.
It’s German engineering and built to last.

It can be rolled around easily with its large wheels and long telescopic handle and connected to whichever hose bib is the closest with its convenient Quick Connector.

The best dedicated car wash hose reel is the Gardena 50 Foot Wall Mounted Retractable Reel.

This wall mounted hose reel automatically retracts with a simple short pull.
It is 50’ long and swivels 180°.

When you mount it near the spot where you usually wash your car, it’s always within reach and its compact enclosed casing protects the hose from the elements and UV deterioration.

This German leak-proof design will easily outlive its competitors.

If you don’t mind rolling your hose by hand, the Liberty Basics Hose Hanger with Storage Compartment with its handy enclosed storage compartment for hose connectors and accessories or the Artigarden Heavy Duty Metal Water Hose Stand are our hose hangers of choice.

Want a simple, compact wall mounted reel that doesn’t cost much? The Ames ReelEasy Side Mount Reel has the best price-to-functionality ratio.

Happy detailing!

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CCM is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.

CCM is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.


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