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Top 6 Best Steering Wheel Locks 2024

pro elite steering wheel lock

When it comes to protecting your car against theft, there’s no steering wheel lock or any other anti-theft device that can’t be picked, hacked or pried open. 
The better the lock, the longer it will take to open it, though.

The idea is to make stealing your car more difficult, to slow a potential thief down. The one thing that a car thief wants to avoid at all times is to hang around longer than strictly necessary. The longer it takes to steal a car, the more likely it is that he will get caught. 
If it’s too difficult, he’ll walk away and choose an easier victim.

It’s equally important for any anti-theft device to be in-the-face, and that’s where a good steering wheel lock literally shines: the most visible location in any car interior is the steering wheel. 
If you immediately see it’s there from any angle, it will have a deterring effect before any damage is done.

It’s also one of the most convenient ways to secure your car. No bending or stretching while installing or removing it, it’s right there in front of you. 

Because it’s so in your face, you won’t forget to unlock it before driving off either.

These are the steering wheel locks we recommend:

Different Types of Steering Wheel Locks

Since their invention in 1916 there are roughly seven main groups of steering wheel locks:

  1. The “club” lock is named after the brand that first mass-marketed this type of steering wheel lock in 1986 and is still a market leader.

    It consists of a bar that can be extended outward with outward-pointing U-shaped ends that grab both sides of the steering wheel from the inside. It has an extension bar sticking out a foot or more on one side of the club.

    When locked in place, steering wheel movement is very limited with the end sticking out.

  2. The “steering wheel to pedal” lock is one of the earliest steering lock types. It also consists of an extending, lockable bar but with an inward pointing hook on each end.

    One end can be hooked over the steering wheel rim, while the other can be hooked behind the brake pedal. This makes normal steering and braking movements impossible.

  3. The “half-cover” or “cap” lock partially covers the top of the steering wheel and airbag with a metal plate that can be locked in place. Again it has a metal bar sticking out limiting maneuverability. Both types are designed to also prevent airbag theft.
  4. The “steering wheel to dashboard” lock grabs and locks the top of the steering wheel and points forward over the top of the dashboard. Once locked, the forward pointing bar allows limited steering movement because it immediately strikes the top of the dash with the slightest steering attempt.
  5. The “through and over” lock has kind of an awkward elongated “S”-shape with the straight long end protruding outwards through an opening of the steering wheel while the other end grabs and locks around the steering wheel rim.
  6. The “steering wheel to safety belt” lock basically is a steel cable that can be looped around the bottom end of the steering wheel while the other end can be secured and locked in the safety belt locking mechanism. Once the buckle is plugged in, it can only be released using the key. This type of steering wheel lock works according to the same principle as the other types of locks: by restricting the steering wheel movement.
  7. The “full cover” lock does exactly what it says: it covers the entire steering wheel with a metal cover that has a protruding bar. The cover can be locked, limiting steering abilities.

What Does Lock Class or Lock Standard mean?

The security of a lock can’t be determined visually, so physical tests are carried out by licensed bureaus under controlled scientific circumstances.
They evaluate the lock’s security by extensively testing wear and tear over time and replicating the most used real-life methods of compromising a lock.

According to the test results, a lock gets a security class or standard. 

Here’s a few of the most popular examples:

  1. A-Class: non-destructive opening time is greater than 15 minutes, destructive opening time is greater than 1 minute
  2. B-Class: non-destructive opening time is greater than 30 minutes, destructive opening time is greater than 5 minutes
  3. Super B-class: non-destructive opening time is greater than 4 hours
  4. Sold Secure Gold Standard: British standard comparable with B-Class

The fact that a lock has no class or standard rating does not necessarily mean that it is not secure. Most budget locks don’t carry any official rating just because getting approved takes time and the procedure is expensive.

High end locks on the other hand will always carry a rating of some sort, because it proves their extra value compared to cheap competitors.

If you’re paying a premium price, make sure that the certificate is legit.

Different Techniques Car Thieves Use To Remove A Steering Wheel Lock

  • Lock picking technique: Using special lock picking tools or just a hairpin and enough time, any lock can be opened by experienced lock-pickers.

    How long this takes depends on the type of lock, the tools used and skillset. The keywords are “skill”, “time” and “steel nerves”.

  • Lock cylinder drilling technique: Only drill-resistant lock cylinders that spin freely to prevent the drill bit from catching and causing damage can fend off (most) drilling attacks.

    All others can be drilled in seconds, opening the lock instantly.

    There are even techniques that allow drilling drill-resistant lock cylinders too, but for obvious reasons, we won’t go into that.
    Only skilled experts master this, and that’s the way we’d like it to stay…

  • Brute force: No, we’re not calling this a technique…

    Brute force works miracles (kind of misplaced, we know) on almost all “club” locks (except the one we recommend from Milenco).

    This is by no means a secret, any petty car thief knows. That’s why we want to share it with you “white hats” too to kind of even the score…

    If the lock is placed over the steering wheel, it can be pulled with force toward you, holding it in the middle. Anyone with average arm strength can do this. It will bend and pop off immediately.
    Repo guys often use a “Club Buster”, a purpose-made U-shaped pulling clamp which requires hardly any force. Bad guys buy it on the internet too.

    If the club lock is placed behind the steering wheel, the thief will have to push instead of pull with a lot less wiggling space. This will make things much more difficult, especially if the club lock is made of good quality hardened steel.

    Also for the popular “T”-shaped “steering wheel to dashboard” lock, brute force is the answer:
    Pull it up and toward you in one violent pull and something’s gotta give.

    It may be a shoulder tendon though… Some arm strength may be required to do this, depending on the quality of the components and the type of steering wheel.

    The “steering wheel to pedal” lock inherently has a lot of play and is easily removed by pulling it toward you while pushing the steering wheel away from you. If the lock is positioned under tension, it will leave an indent on the steering wheel, which is not a good option either…

    Most people using this kind of lock don’t even bother adjusting pedals and/or steering wheel position to the shortest possible position before installing the lock. In this case, it’s just a question of adjusting the wheel and pedals and it’s off. No force needed.

  • Freon (or R410A, or Puron) technique: Is used by professional car thieves to freeze any lock cylinder or other metal lock component to extremely low temperature, making it brittle and easy to smash. 
  • Hacksaw cut technique: Using a power tool or a manual hacksaw the steering wheel is cut once (single cut technique) to remove a single-hook club lock, a “steering wheel to pedal” lock or a “steering wheel to safety belt” lock.

    It has to be cut in two different places (double cut technique) to remove the other types of locks.

    If positioned right, the “half cover” or “cap” lock, the Stoplock and the Milenco lock are immune to fast hacksaw attacks.

Steering Wheel Lock Vulnerabilities Lined Up Per Type

The “club” steering wheel lock: 

  • Most extendable club locks bend surprisingly easy, even the premium ones! This is a well-known fact that all experienced car thieves exploit. One pull and the lock is removed. It’s that easy! No need to pick it.
    Installing this type of lock on the back side of the steering wheel (if possible) can complicate this technique somewhat.
  • Repo guys often use a “Club Buster”, a purpose-made U-shaped pulling clamp which makes the job even easier. Gone in seconds!
  • The steering wheel is often cut with a hacksaw too to remove this type of lock.
  • Only the Milenco HSL Steering Wheel Lock’s cylinder withstands the drilling test, all others fail miserably within, again… seconds!
  • All twin-hook club locks, which are intended to raise the security level compared to the single-hook type, are so bendable and have such easily pickable and drillable cylinder locks, it seems like a bad joke…

    You can’t install ‘em on the back side of your steering wheel either, which worsens the situation.
    For those reasons, we don’t recommend any twin-hook club locks.

    If you’re in the market for an effective single-hook lock, our Best Budget Buy is the toughest in that category, whatever its price may suggest.

    This one truly is popular for all the right reasons!

The “steering wheel to pedal” steering wheel lock:

  • It’s hardly visible from the outside of the car, which renders it nearly useless as a deterrent.
  • There’s too much play between the steering wheel and the brake pedal, especially with adjustable steering wheels. It is astonishing to see that most car thieves muscle it off before you can say “useless lock”.
    We didn’t even include it in our selection, it’s that useless…

The “half-cover” or “cap” steering wheel lock

  • If it were built with quality materials and a High-Security drill-proof lock, this could be the winner of the bunch.
    Its design is virtually tamper-proof when locked into the smallest opening of the steering wheel. It also protects against airbag theft.
    Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find a manufacturer that builds it to the highest standards.

    The best one we could find has a mediocre lock cylinder that can easily be picked or drilled by experienced thiefs.

The “steering wheel to dashboard” lock 

  • Avoid the popular “T”-shaped ones that can be secured to the highest point of the steering wheel and reach onto the dashboard.

    This type is childishly easy to remove with your bare hand(s) by just pulling it up and back using the long end as leverage. This only takes seconds!
  • The foldable luxury type we recommend does have a decent level of protection also because of its car-horn activating property.
    Its “L”-design prevents the “up and back” removal technique and protects the airbag from theft too. Any attempt of forcing the device will make it sound the car horn.

    This lock may still be vulnerable to the “double hacksaw steering wheel cut technique” that involves sawing along both sides of the lock to remove it.
    While picking the lock is difficult because of its orientation, it can be drilled, unfortunately.

The “through and over” steering wheel lock

  • Only half- and full cover locks can’t be removed by a double hacksaw attack.

    Other types can, including this one.
    However, securing it around a steering wheel spoke (if possible) makes this technique nearly impossible. 

The “steering wheel to safety belt” lock

  • Can be neutralized by a single hacksaw attack or bolt cutters.
  • The fact that most car thieves won’t have any experience removing this type of lock because it’s so uncommon, gives it an edge.

The “full cover” steering wheel lock

  • There’s only one on the market that’s half decently made as far as we know, and it’s a flawed design. It’s also frustrating that a well-known testing agency gave their approval!
    Even scientists have off-days, I guess?

    Because the steering wheel spins freely inside the steel cover and the back side is wide open, you can very easily steer with this “safety device” locked.

    Check for yourself: the internet is full of people demonstrating driving around happily with the lock in place.

    You won’t be happy if it’s your car…

Best Overall


  • Fit: Fits all steering wheels up to 52mm rim thickness
  • Device type: “through and over” type
  • Lock type: High Security anti-drill key lock
  • Lock class: n/a
  • Keys: 2 / additional keys can be purchased
  • Dimensions: ‎25.98 x 5.51 x 3.54 inches / ‎4.82 pounds

The title of “Best Overall” goes to the Stoplock Pro Elite.

First of all, it is easy to use and store:
Just poke the yellow colored bar through one of your steering wheel’s openings, then secure it with one click over the opposite steering wheel rim with the gray locking mechanism.

For optimal security we recommend securing the lock hooks on both side of a steering wheel spoke (if possible). This makes the double hacksaw cut technique nearly impossible.

When not in use, this clever anti-theft device can easily be unlocked with one of its unique security keys and stored under the passenger seat or in the footwell or trunk.

Secondly and most importantly, it is one of the most secure and effective steering wheel locks on the market today.
This popular power-tool resistant anti-theft device limits steering abilities significantly and therefore prevents joyriders as well as professional car thieves from stealing your car.

The Stoplock Pro Elite has a high-security grade anti-drill lock made from hardened components. 
Independent tests show that it takes a trained professional 20+ minutes to pick it, even with professional lock-picking tools and in perfect conditions:

Knowing a car thief only wants to spend 5 minutes max stealing a car to limit his chances of getting caught, it is safe to say that in real-life conditions this lock can be considered unpickable.

Two keys come with the lock, extra keys can be ordered based on the unique serial number. 
A thief could order the complete set of different keys and try them until one fits, right? 

Well, there are 10,000 different keys available! Good luck with that…

This top-of-the-range model fits all steering wheels up to 52mm rim thickness and is made of plastic-coated hardened steel. 

Depending on your car’s steering wheel design, you may want to consider the Stoplock Pro to get an even tighter fit. This Stoplock style works best for steering wheels with a flat or less pronounced center and a rim up to 48mm. (See the PDF Stoplock Application Guide)
Only the curvature of the yellow bar and maximum rim size differ, technically they are identical.

Both Stoplock Pro and Stoplock Pro Elite come with a 10 year guarantee.


  • High-end security
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Self-locking
  • High-security lock, 2 encoded keys included
  • Made from plastified high-quality hardened steel 
  • 10 year guarantee


  • Heavier than average because of high-quality hardened steel
  • More difficult to stow because of curvature
  • Can be removed by double hacksaw steering wheel cut technique, if not secured around a steering wheel spoke
  • Care has to be taken to check and order the right style for your vehicle

Best Budget Buy

Tevlaphee Steering Wheel Lock
Buy Now
02/19/2024 07:05 am GMT


  • Fit: Fits all factory car steering wheels
  • Device type: “club” type
  • Lock type: Crescent key lock
  • Lock class: A+ 
  • Keys: 3 encoded crescent keys
  • Dimensions: 27.6 x 4.92 x 1.18 inches / ‎2.8 pounds

Tevlaphee’s patented self-locking steering wheel lock is the #1 bestseller on Amazon, and for good reason!
This is a high-quality, yet affordable steering wheel lock.

This A+ grade anti-theft lock is made of high quality hardened steel and premium aluminum alloy to resist prying, sawing and hammering. It even resists freon attacks. 
While most premium brand competitors in the “club” category bend easily, this one won’t. 
The U-shaped ends are massive metal parts that can’t be bent either. 
Two protective pads prevent pressure damage to your steering wheel. 
Tests have proven this one to be the toughest of the retractable “club” type.

Its precise double spring crescent lock with encoded keys is specially designed to fend off professional car thieves. This type of lock is one of the hardest to pick. 
Again it outperforms much more expensive competitors.

It is also highly visible to deter anyone with bad intentions before they cause any damage.

Installation is simple: it locks with one pull and is easy to handle, install and remove. 
Because of its self-locking mechanism, you don’t need to use the key to extend it.
You can unlock it in seconds too, using its unique keys. 

Depending on your car’s steering wheel design, it can also be installed to the back of the steering wheel so it’s not resting on the airbag. 
With the lock cylinder in this awkward angle, it is virtually impossible to pick or drill it, which is a huge bonus too! 

At the end of the lock there’s a metal car safety escape tool to smash the window in case of an emergency. A convenient cap is included to avoid accidental damage.

The lock can be stored using the included blue velcro to secure it, so it can’t accidentally extend.

This steering wheel lock is covered by Lifetime Money Back Guarantee and is available in black, blue and red.

TIP: If size or budget are no priority, check out the Milenco HSL Steering Wheel Lock. It’s the toughest “club” steering wheel lock money can buy!


  • Affordable quality
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Compact
  • Self-locking
  • Very good A+ Class crescent lock with 3 encoded keys
  • Made from high quality hardened steel and premium aluminum parts
  • Built-in window-breaker with safety cap
  • Soft foam on contact surfaces prevents steering wheel damage
  • Can be used for self-defense


  • Exposed metal parts get scorching hot in extreme climates, possibly melting or deforming steering wheel material
  • Single hook design is vulnerable to single hacksaw steering wheel cut technique
  • Vulnerable to “Club Buster” technique when installed on top of the steering wheel

Most Secure

Milenco HSL Steering Wheel Lock
Buy Now
05/21/2024 12:51 pm GMT


  • Fit: Fits most steering wheels
  • Device type: “club” type, non-retractable
  • Lock type: Key lock 
  • Lock class: Sold Secure Gold Standard
  • Keys: 3 High Security keys
  • Dimensions: ‎23.62 x 5.04 x 1.97 inches / ‎‎‎5.06 pounds

Milenco’s High Security steering wheel lock of the “club” type is Sold Secure Gold approved, which is the highest rating you’re gonna find for this kind of application.

It’s the strongest and most secure steering wheel lock ever made. 
It has a unique innovative design, that allows for fast and easy fitment in just a few seconds. 
It comes with 3 High Security keys which are both durable and highly reliable.

It has an exceptional high quality built-in locking mechanism that is as
pick-proof as it gets. The steel body resists sawing and freezing. 

The locking mechanism has been re-engineered for an even easier line-up and fit.

If you’re looking for the best anti-theft car protection, this is it!

TIP: For maximum effectiveness it’s best to turn one of your steering wheel spokes to the highest position and lock it in between the locking pins.

And yes, it’s great for self-defense too, should you ever have to protect yourself or your loved ones…


  • Sold Secure Gold Standard approved
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • 3 High Security keys included
  • Large, solid metal housing, not susceptible to hacksaw or bolt cutter attacks
  • Can be used for self-defense


  • It’s not the smallest or lightest
  • Premium price range

Most Compact


  • Fit: Fits all steering wheels
  • Device type: “steering wheel to safety belt” type
  • Lock type: key lock
  • Lock class: n/a
  • Keys: 2
  • Dimensions: ‎13.66 x 4.57 x 2.91 inches / ‎1.2 pounds


Kaycentop’s steering wheel to seat belt lock is small, lightweight, easy to store and use. 

Its solid steel cable wraps around any type of steering wheel and can simply be locked in any modern seat belt lock. Normal steering wheel movements are very restricted.
If you turn your steering wheel half a turn before applying the lock, driving off with this lock in place is completely out of the question.

The fact that this type of lock is not common and most car thieves will have zero experience cracking it, adds hugely to this lock’s effectiveness.

Its bright yellow nylon jacket makes it more visible too.

Kaycentop’s steering wheel to seat belt lock is covered by 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


  • Fits all modern vehicles
  • Most compact, lightweight, easy-to-stow steering wheel lock on the market
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 2 keys included
  • Solid plastified steel cable
  • Awkward lock cylinder orientation makes lock-picking difficult
  • Uncommon = harder to crack
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • May not fit older vehicles with old-style big seat belt locks (or none at all)
  • Not as visible from all angles because of low positioning
  • The design would benefit hugely from a metal protection cover instead of the hard plastic one
  • Can be removed by single hacksaw steering wheel cut technique or with heavy bolt cutter
  • Tall people may have to adjust the seat positioning before installing

Best Airbag Protection


  • Fit: Fits most steering wheels up to 17 inch and up to 1.7 inch rim thickness
  • Device type: “half-cover” or “cap lock type
  • Lock type: Key lock
  • Lock class: n/a
  • Keys: 2
  • Dimensions: ‎‎17.32 x 13.54 x 5.2 inches / 6.21 pounds

This is probably the most visible steering wheel lock you’ll find anywhere. That’s a big bonus!

This half cover lock is not just about looks, its steel body and tempered steel bar can withstand hacksaw and bolt cutter attacks like few steering wheel locks can. 
It protects your airbag against theft too.

It’s simple to install: unlock, pull out the retractable bar, install the cap over the top rim of your steering wheel and push the lock cylinder in till it locks. 

TIP: We recommend installing this steering wheel lock in the smallest steering wheel opening after having it turned to its highest steering wheel position. 
This guarantees maximum security against hacksaw attacks and restricts straight forward driving.

To remove it, unlock with the key and take it off. The bar can be pushed back in the housing for easy storage under the passenger seat, footwell or in the trunk.

Kaycentop’s half cover steering wheel lock fits most vehicles with steering wheels up to 17 inch and up to 1.7 inch thickness.


  • Protects against airbag theft too
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Highly visible deterrent
  • 2 keys included
  • Large, solid metal housing, not susceptible to hacksaw or bolt cutter attacks


  • Lock cylinder susceptible to lockpicking and drilling
  • No additional keys can be purchased
  • Customer reviews suggest the metal components’ rust protection is subpar

Most Luxurious


  • Fit: Fits most steering wheels
  • Device type: “steering wheel to dashboard” type, foldable
  • Lock type: Key lock 
  • Lock class: n/a
  • Keys: 2 keys
  • Dimensions:‎ ‎16.34 x 5.31 x 3.35 inches / 3.74 pounds

This compact, foldable steering wheel lock is composed of aluminum alloy and high quality carbon steel, which feels solid and high-end.
A luxurious stitched leather pad adds to that feel. 

If you want a lock that blends in with your premium car interior design, this is it!

For first time use you have to adjust it to your specific steering wheel and dash with the included allen key. 
Easy-peasy: loosen a single allen screw, adjust to fit and tighten the screw again. That’s it!

If adjusted tightly with the adjustment screw, anyone who tries to turn the steering wheel or to tamper with the lock, will push and blow the car horn. 
This is quite inconvenient and counterproductive for any thief, to say the least…

Any part that comes in contact with the steering wheel is wrapped in soft protective material to prevent damage.
The pad that covers the horn and airbag has a nice protective hand-stitched leather cover. 

There’s a built-in safety hammer to break the glass in case of an emergency too.

It folds to a small, compact size when it’s not in use and can be stowed with ease.

TIP: For maximum effectiveness it’s best to turn one of your steering wheel spokes to the highest position and lock it in between the locking hooks.


  • Luxury look, blends in
  • Complicates or even prevents airbag theft too
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Quick and easy to use
  • 2 keys included
  • Quality materials
  • Difficult to pick the lock because of orientation


  • Needs to be adjusted for first time use
  • Less visible because of color scheme
  • May be removed by double hacksaw steering wheel cut technique (especially when there’s no spoke in between the locking hooks)
  • Lock cylinder is susceptible to drilling

How We Did Our Research

Please keep in mind when you check comments and reviews concerning any lock or safety device that most, if not all, positive reviews are written by people who feel safe using it, think it’s a good buy, like that it’s easy to install and hope it will scare away criminals. 

Only in the one-star rating section will you sometimes find a few people whose car has been stolen despite using this particular device. 

If you want to find shortcomings and design flaws, it’s in the lower ratings you will find them!

Most customers write a review just after receiving their brand-new security gadget and are elated and relieved about the sense of security it brings to their lives.
However, only few of them write a follow-up months later if their ride gets stolen.

That’s the main reason even very badly designed locks that can easily be removed with known techniques get very high ratings.

For this Top 6 Best, we did a very thorough research of most customer reviews, consulting professional fora, performing our own tests and using our technical know-how and experience.

However, our research told us that most of these popular, hyped steering wheel locks had too many design flaws, material and quality issues.
We couldn’t get our head around the fact that they have such high ratings. 

It just didn’t add up!

We refused to sing along with the false notes no matter how many other reviews follow suit. 

That’s just not our way of doing things…

We Went To The Dark Side

We’re glad and proud to admit that we are no expert car thieves and have no experience in the field whatsoever. 

Having no friends, family or acquaintances with lock-picking or burglarish skills, we went to the darkest corners of the web to see how professional car thieves go about “their daily business”, so to speak…

We checked what they think about different types of steering wheel locks:

Which ones are easy to disable? Which are more difficult or nearly impossible to remove within the given time limitations and difficult circumstances? (Yeah, it’s a tough and stressful job…)

Between themselves, they brag about how fast they can pick a lock or remove a security device. They write blogs about it and post videos on the internet, most wearing balaclavas, some without.

We watched them display their “skills” in a frighteningly efficient and lightning fast way! 

We watched them laugh at all those people that buy peace of mind instead of buying real security devices that actually work.

After visiting the dark side, we saw the light (pun intended) and wrote this “Top 6 Best Steering Wheel Locks” Guide.

It took an awful lot of time and research, but we’re proud to state that this is probably the most substantiated guide on the web on this subject. 

We sincerely hope it‘ll really help keep your ride safe!

Final Thoughts

Well, we hope it’s been a joyride (pun intended) exploring the different steering wheel locks to make sure car thieves don’t steer your ride into the sunset.

We had to dig deep and even went to “the dark side” to see what really works and what doesn’t. 

The conclusion is that there’s a truckload of different contraptions from even more manufacturers on the marketplace that don’t or hardly work in real life, whatever the reviews may indicate. 

While they all promise to protect your car from hoodlums by making it impossible to drive your car by blocking the steering wheel, only few are very effective. 

Some are ridiculous to say the least…

Let’s take a quick look at steering wheel locks that really do work:

Contrary to their huge following, there’s only two “club” style locks we can really recommend:

If you don’t wanna spend a premium price, go for our “Best Budget Buy”. Position it on the back side of your steering wheel for optimal effectiveness and it will protect adequately.

If “adequately” doesn’t cut it for you, check out Milenco’s beast. Its hardened steel construction is as tough as nails. Good luck picking or drilling its lock too! We think it’s the most secure in our selection.

They may both come in handy too should you ever have to protect yourself or your loved ones (heaven forbid).

If you’re in the market for the lightest, most compact in our selection, it’s a steering wheel to safety belt lock you’re gonna want. Most car thieves will find themselves out of their comfort zone because it’s so uncommon. 

If smart and good looking is what honks your horn, why not secure your ride with a luxurious looking foldable one? It’ll push your horn when it’s tampered with.

A “half cover” or “cap” lock is best if you want to also protect your airbag from greedy fingers.

Which brings us to our “Best Overall”, which scores on almost all fronts: it’s easy to use, relatively easy to store, highly visible and notoriously difficult to remove. It’ll also hinder most airbag removal attempts.

Just steer clear from all those hyped “anti-theft” gadgets that don’t work in real life and you’ll be just fine!

Stay Safe!

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CCM is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more.


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