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How To Clean Car Windows

how to clean car windows

It’s a common problem: You’ve put a lot of effort in cleaning your car in the morning but when you hit the road in full sunlight, you notice that there are still streaks on your car windows. Sounds familiar? If you follow this guide, such problems will be a thing of the past.

A lot has been said about the best way to clean car windows without leaving streaks or a haze. Some people use household detergents, others use car shampoo or vinegar with old newspapers,… Seems like everyone has their own opinion about glass cleaning. It’s kind of confusing… 

The question is: what works best? We at CCM are maniacs when it comes to cleaning car glass and mirrors and we can say we have tried about all the tricks in the book and most available products out there.

If you simply wash your car windows with household detergents or a car shampoo and use a random sponge and an old towel the result may look fine on a dark cloudy day, but there will always be a haze, streaks and fiber residue left on the glass surface. This is because of the residue these products and materials leave behind. If you use unsuitable towels and soaps they will leave streaks and fibers on the glass surface. These will build up over time and become visible when it matters most: on a beautiful sunny day when you want to go for a drive…

When comparing different glass cleaning products and towels, many do an “OK” job. If you want a better than “OK” result, there are a few important things to consider:

These three key factors are crucial to get the perfect result:

  • The cleaning agent you use.
  • The material you use to apply it with.
  • The cleaning method.

Right, let’s get started!

Things you might need:

The one product that really stands out and our “weapon of choice” when it comes to car glass cleaning is Stoner Invisible Glass spray.

This spray does not contain streaky soaps, scents, dyes, or other additives that leave behind hard-to-remove residues that form streaks and attract dust and grime. Stoner Invisible Glass easily removes fingerprints, smudges, dirt, grease, and smoke haze from windows, windshields and other glass, mirrored, and even chrome surfaces. It’s easy to use and incredibly efficient. 

It’s CCM’s choice by far!

Stoner also makes a glass cleaner with rain repellent which does everything the standard Invisible Glass does, but it also makes rain and snow run off much faster, improving visibility dramatically when your window wipers can’t keep up. This could be a life-saver in heavy rain or snow. 

How To Clean Car Windows

When cleaning car glass it is very important to do this in optimal lighting conditions. That’s why it’s best to work outside in the shade. You want to avoid cleaning your car glass in full sunlight on a hot summer day, because the cleaning product will evaporate on the hot glass surface before you have time to work it and it may leave residue. 

Step 1: Dust off sand and dust

Before cleaning your dirty car windows you want to gently dust off sand and dust with a cleaning duster before using a cleaning agent, to minimize the risk of scratching the glass surface.

Step 2: Spray glass cleaner                                   

Spray your car window with a thin coating of Stoner Invisible Glass. 

Large glass areas like your car’s windscreen or rear window are best cleaned in two sections so the product doesn’t dry before you have the time to wipe it off. You want to work in manageable size working areas of no more than 2’x2’.

Step 3: Wipe clean

Wipe your car window clean in circular motions using a Diamond Weave Glass & Window towel to remove dirt and grime. This kind of microfiber towel does not scratch and is woven in a special way to not leave streaks or fibers. It’s the most efficient towel to clean car windows and mirrors. 

You want to fold your towel in half and again in half forming a handy square that is easy to use. This way you have eight fresh surfaces you can use: fold your towel to a fresh clean side each time it gets dirty. This is essential to get the perfect result. You won’t get a clean result using a dirty towel. Remember glass surfaces are very unforgiving!

Note: It’s also important to know that standard laundry detergents and fabric softeners leave residue on microfiber towels which in turn will rub off on the glass surface leaving a haze. The pH-balanced hyper-efficient detergent we recommend however, restores the softness of the microfiber material while cleaning and removing the toughest stains and residue. That’s why for best results, we highly recommend washing all your microfiber towels with CG microfiber wash, without using fabric softener. In our experience, that makes a world of difference!

Step 4: Remove stubborn bug stains

If there are still some stubborn bug splats remaining on your windshield, simply spray them again with Stoner Invisible Glass and let them soak a little longer before wiping them off. For more tips on removing bug splatter, you might want to take a look at our post “How to remove bugs from your car”.

Step 5: Remove dried tree sap droplets, paint specks and such

If there’s still some speck or splatter that doesn’t wanna come off, you might be tempted to try and scrape it off with a sharp metal object like a putty knife or a steel razor blade. Although this might work, there’s a good chance it will scratch the glass surface permanently. 

Instead, you want to use a plastic razor scraper. It is tough, but much softer than glass. It works great for removing nasty bugs or things like paint droplets without the danger of scratching your car glass.

Step 6: Remove dust and fibers

You want to finish by wiping off leftover dust particles and minute fibers by systematically wiping the entire glass area with a clean dry diamond weave towel in an up-down motion. Check the result in full sunlight if possible. You’d be surprised how those little dust and fiber particles spoil the party in full sunlight if you don’t!

Congrats! Cruising along with crystal clear car windows will not only be very satisfying but will also be much safer, especially in low sun situations. 

Enjoy your drive with a safe, clear view!


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