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How To Get Bird Poop Off Your Car

How to get bird poop off your car

Bird poop is acidic and it will damage your car paint if you don’t remove it immediately. Although bird droppings are considered to bring good luck for the car owner, you better remove it first before buying a lottery ticket. 

However, if you just carelessly wipe or scrub it off it will scratch your car paint, because bird poop contains sharp bits like tiny stones, insect remains and crushed seeds. Let us show you how to safely remove those bird droppings from your car paint without leaving a trace.

Here’s the best way to remove bird poop from your car:


Everything you need to get bird poop off your car:

Here’s How To Get Bird Poop Off Your Car in 6 Easy Steps:

In the step-by-step guide below we’ll walk you through each simple step to get that awful bird poop off your car without damaging your car’s clear coat.

We’re going to use the softest yet most powerful products and techniques available on the market today to make this process as swift and effortless as possible. The aim is to remove the bird poop without scratching or damaging your car in any way. 

We’ll be using ONR, because our tests show that it’s the most effective product out there to attack bird droppings without harming your car paint. It’s extremely budget-friendly too because it’s very concentrated, a little goes a very long way. 

We’ll show you the best way to let it dwell without letting it dry and what technique to use to wipe the droppings off without scratching your car coating.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Park Your Car In The Shade

Direct sunlight or heat from your engine will soften your car paint, making it prone to scratching. If you use products in full sunlight or on a hot surface, they tend to leave spots too.

Also, if the product dries too fast, it won’t have the time to loosen the bird poop. 

That’s why you want to park your car somewhere in the shade.

Step 2: Put some ONR in a spray bottle and dilute it

Open your spray bottle and squirt in some ONR (Optimum No Rinse) per instructions on the label. Swirl the spray bottle gently until the fluid is mixed and has an even color. 

Step 3: Put a Kleenex over the bird dropping

Fold a Kleenex to the approximate size of the bird dropping and lay or hold it  (depending on the angle of the surface) over the bird poop. 

Spray some ONR solution on top of the Kleenex till it’s drenched and sticks to the surface. If the dropping is larger than one Kleenex, grab two or more if needed and let them slightly overlap. You’ll notice that the kleenex will easily stick to the car surface, even to vertical panels.

Step 4: Let the product soak in 

Grab a coffee or a cold snack and let the ONR solution do its thing. It’ll need a couple of minutes to soften the bird droppings. Keep an eye on the Kleenex so it doesn’t dry. If it dries too fast on a hot summer’s day, spray some more ONR solution on it. No need to worry that it’s been on there too long, this professional grade product is 100% safe for automotive materials and all types of car paint.

Step 5: Remove the Kleenex

Very gently remove the Kleenex and wipe the softened bird poop off with a clean, soft edgeless microfiber towel using only moderate pressure. You want to wipe in a single straight sweep to prevent swirl marks.

Step 6: Assess the result 

Check if the bird poop is wiped off in one go or not: 

  • If it is completely gone (90% chance), carefully wipe the treated surface dry with a clean microfiber towel in straight sweeps to avoid marring and you’re done. No need to rinse, it’s a rinseless product.
  • If there is still some bird poop left (10% chance), don’t try to rub it off because you’ll scratch the surface. Instead, repeat steps 3-6 until the car paint is completely clean.

Great Job!

Once you get the hang of it, using this technique it will only take a couple of minutes to safely remove a bird dropping. 

You want to keep a spray bottle of diluted ONR, a box of Kleenex and a microfiber towel within reach in your garage or in your trunk so you can use it anywhere. This way no bird poop will etch your car paint ever again! 

ONR (Optimum No Rinse) is not only great to remove bird poop, it can be used to wash an entire car without a hose or pressure washer. That’s what it’s intended for in the first place. It’s an awesome quick detail spray too. Once you start using it, you can’t imagine having to do without!

Did you know that ONR puts a protective wax layer over the treated area too? Well, that’s two birds with one stone (pun intended).

Happy Detailing!


Can I Use a Household Detergent to Remove Bird Poop from a Car?

We don’t recommend using products such as household detergents to remove bird poop from your car. 

First of all, these products are not formulated for this specific task and won’t perform as well as specialized car care products. 

Secondly and most importantly, they might ruin your car paint or trim. 


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